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Welcome New Members!

Greetings! Welcome to Waffle Town, where anything is possible. Please do make yourself at home, here at WTRP {Waffle Town Roleplay} everyone is family and no-one will judge you. What is Waffle Town, you ask? Well, take a seat and get comfortable, because I'm about to fill you in on the magic. WTRP is a roleplaying community, where you can set your imagination free. Here, you may RP whatever you desire. That's right. Anything. I don't care if you roleplay a piece of cake, as long as you're enjoying yourself. Don't feel afraid to ask any questions, I promise I won't bite! Oh, and one last thing before you begin your RPing journey: I'd really appreciate it if you read through the rules. Yes, yes, boring I know... but it's important and I expect you to follow 'em. Thanks! <3